Next Shipment leaves AUG 1 OR SOONER (all item must be delivered by JULY 25)

Current Fees are $6 a box + $0.50 a pound.

Our shipping costs include bringing your box across, giving prior notice paperwork and commercial invoices paperwork to people at border. Usually 3-5 business days and your
Boxes will be moving in USA.

We currently ship out every 2 weeks or sooner.

All boxes must be recieved 2 business days before date to be included in shipment.

Steps Required for boxes

  • All boxes must have commercial invoice/ shipping labels attached to boxes
  • A printed Commercial invoice and FDA Prior Notice(if required)
  • Fill out online Form giving information on shipment.

Example Costs

  • 15 LB BOX $13.5
  • 38 LB BOX $25
  • 46 LB BOX $29