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Established March 2018

Mission Statement: To provide FBA services at fair and reasonable prices for Amazon Sellers

Services we provide

  1. Receive your Wholesale and Online Arbitrage Orders at our warehouse in Edmonton.
  2. Prep your inventory to be send to
  3. Prepare your shipments and box and send your items to
  4. YEGPREP to USA Shipping. Forward your boxes across the border and then use local shipping rates inside USA.
  5. Return Inspections
  6. Amazon Account Management
  7. Coaching Sessions
  8. -> Inventory Transfer Service
  9. Create Amazon Listings Service

Sample Customer Invoices

DateDescriptionPREP CostsShipping 1Shipping 2 (if needed)
Shipping 3 (if needed)
FEB 21 2019 #1SAMPLE #1
OA order for USA of 16 Items. Sent in 2 boxes Due to fact 2 items oversized. Customer Prepays and gets 10% off: Prep is $3.36 box 1 is $8.74 box 2 is $10.87. TOTAL $23.07
PREP $3.36S1 $8.74S2 $10.97
FEB 21 2019 #2SAMPLE #2
DROPOFF order for USA of 112 BUNDLED Items. Prep is $227.96 box 1 is $9.71 box 2 is $8.91 box 3 is 28.06. TOTAL $274.64
PREP $227.96S1 $9.71S2 $8.91
S3 $28.06

Please signup for an account before sending in packages

Currently we only can accept boxes or pallets delivered on the ground.

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Ken Kuebler (owner)

Currently we have a Few Temporary Employees to help with Prep Services

About Ken Kuebler

  • Started selling on Amazon FBA Canada in 2015
  • Starting selling on Amazon FBA USA in 2016
  • Starting Private Labeling Products in 2016
  • Subcontracted myself to Coach/Mentor Students/Business/Brands to sell on Amazon (.ca/.us/.uk) December 2016-January 2018