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We are always trying to improve our workflow and systems to be more efficient and faster. Below is a List Our Potential Upgrades.

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UPGRADEHow will it happenPriorityStatus
Date Started Using
Better Automation of invoicingExcel spreadsheetHigh
Scanning Incoming Boxes to persons excel codeExcel SpreadsheetLowCompleteNot Yet
Scanning outgoing boxes to shipping manifest excel codeExcel SpreadsheetLow CompleteNot Yet
Emailing when balance hits a certain amountExcel Spreadsheet & mailLowNot Started
Emails account balance once a weekExcel Spreadsheet & mailMediumCompleteNot Yet
Extra Inventory SheetExcel SpreadsheetLowCompleteNot Yet
Recommended Amazon Software SheetExcel SpreadsheetMediumIn Progress
Excel Outputs for invoicingExcel SpreadsheetHighCompleteNot Yet
Cost of Prep Per item from ManifestExcel SpreadsheetHighComplete2018-11-08
Cost of Prep Per Item including boxes and extra YEGPREP feesExcel SpreadsheetLowNot Started